20 Dating Ideas that is absolutely free in Singapore

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The purpose of going out on a date with your loved one is to break the monotony of seeing each other in regular places and creating life long memories. Singapore is an amazing country with amazing people and the sites to take your loved one are numerous, and you won’t have to drain your wallet to visit these places.

1. Moviebob

Moviebob is a drive-in that lets you watch movies at reduced ticket prices under the Singaporian night skies, wrapped in each other’s arms in a blanket or you can have the option of privacy in your car. Besides, couples get to select the next movie via Facebook. Save up to $12 with this one.

2. If you are lovers of Indie movies, head to the Substation which is the first Singaporian contemporary art center.

3. Kampong Lorong Bangkuok

For foreigners who want to know about the Singaporian culture, this native village feels like travelling all the way to where time began. Entry is free, as well as taking photos. You have to be careful to respect the residents and their beliefs.

4. Macritchie Tree Top

Be in harmony with Mother Nature by walking across this 250 meter suspended bridge up above the trees. You will love the breeze on your faces as wild animals stare at your frightened faces.

5. Gillman Barracks

You are a couple who love art? Don’t miss the rich history and art galleries hosted by about 17 art galleries at this former military barracks. Take lunch at one of the 5 restaurants, bars and cafes at the facility.

6. Budha Tooth Relic Temple

If you are curious about Budhism or want to meditate in a quiet, serene place, then visit this Budhist Temple from way back during the Tang Dynasty. The golden art works on display will wow you. If you visit the temple in the mornings, you can watch the monks pray. Girls with shorts will be made to cover up, understandably.

7. The Esplanade

Known to locals as the “The Durian” , this place will your minds away with the art performances, live concerts and theatre. If you head to the top, you’ll be treated to a stunning view of Singaporian architecture.

8. Gardens by the Bay

This place is one of the prides of Singapore and it’s a must see. The supertrees are so tall and when the lights from the Garden Raphsody hit them, it’s a colorful and dazzling sight to behold. Be sure to be there at 7.45 and 8.45pm daily to take in the whole 15 minutes show.

9. Southern Ridges

This 10 kilometer bridge is a must visit for those nature lovers who like walking hand in hand. It connects Mount Faber to National University of Singapore. It is not a tough trail but be sure to pack some water bottles, sunscreen and face towels.

10. The Singapore Botanical Gardens

Fancy a romantic night? Head to the Singapore Botanical Gardens and watch the Singapore Symphony orchestra perform world renowned music. The lush green backdrop sets the mood. Why don’t you try to get there early before the orchestra starts so that you can locate the great Tumbusu Tree that is imprinted on the $5 bill.

11. Singapore Really Really Free Market

Things are really free in this market, as hard as it is to believe. Walk around and pick books, clothes and many other things. You have to give something in return though because this market is essentiall promoting the sharing culture.

12. Thian Hock Keng

This is the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore which will make you appreciate the deep culture of country with its marvelous architecture and intricate carvings.

13. Marina Barrage

This is a great picnic site. So cook your meal at home, carry your basket and head down there. Fly a kite while breathing in the fresh air and taking in the great scenery.

14. Yishun Dam

Get and a fishing rod or borrow one from the attendants there, and try your skills at fishing. The water is so clear, you can’t miss a catch.

15. There are actually 8 Merlions of Singapore. The one you know is in Marlion Park. Find out where the other seven are and take pictures with each of your conquests.

16. Mt. Faber.

If you went there via the Southern Ridges bridge, then hike that Mountain and take in the breathtaking Singaporian skyline.

17. Somerset Skate Park

Get a spray can and head to this place where spray painting and graffiti is totally legal. Write something on the walls that you’ll remember. Your wedding date maybe?

18. Sisters Islands Marine Park

This is a national marine park, so you can sign up for free tour guides. If you love snorkeling, then the underwater is a place to be. Stare into the faces of diverse marine life, like the hairy crabs, stone fish sea cucumbers and the coral reefs.

19. Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trail

This 6km bike trail is perfect for those active couples who are in love with nature. Enjoy the slopes r just race each other. You can start at the Dairy Farm Car Park or the Visitor Center Carpark at Hidhede Road.

20. ION Orchard

You don’t have to sneak onto the roof of the Swissotel to view the skyscrapers of Singapore. Just take an elevator to the 56th floor of the ION Orchard and have your fill from a bird’s eye view. Hold your lover in your arms; it’s a memory worth the time.

So going on a date need not be expensive like what every perceive it to be. Going back to do the same old thing like movies dinners which are expensive these days. So always try out something different. However, if you do need some extra cash to bring your loved ones on a special date, you can stop by credit excel for a quick and reliable loan process.

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