Budget Readjustment is Necessary When You Start a Family

A family always comes with responsibilities, especially when it comes to getting children. A child must be well taken care of and this includes financially. When you start parenting you have to put your children's priorities first. What first comes to mind while planning for a child to most parents is about the baby's diapers, the formula and al [..]
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Good Debt & Bad Debt: What Do You Have?

A money lender in Singapore is a person or firm that provides small loans with high-interest rates for people who have less access in banking activities. Money lenders are usually preferred by gamblers, people who do not have a good credit history, and compulsive shoppers. Another target market for a money lender in Singapore is people who need mon [..]

How to use your Loan in Singapore

You have decided to go to a licensed moneylender in Singapore to take out a loan; you are ready to buy a new TV or go on a vacation. But, you might not be making a wise choice; not only in the type of loan, but also in the lender, or the ways in which you are choosing to use the funds you are borrowing. When you go to a licensed moneylender, you do [..]