Everyone Needs an Emergency Fund, Start Today!

Great! You've set up a budget, and you already know how much you are spending on things. Now you are even successfully sticking to your budget. Many people do spend all the salaries and wages that they get. What they forget are the emergencies that may arise at any time of the day. What happens in case you are laid off, or an appliance suddenly br [..]

Ways To Hide Money In Case Of Emergencies

Singapore may be a safe place to live, with modern infrastructures and advanced technology implemented to address calamities that can cause alarm to its citizens. However, just like with any other places on the planet, you can never be too sure about what might happen in the future. There will always be unforeseen and unexpected events that can mak [..]
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Financial Planning – 3 Steps

If you consider that you have spent money without thinking, if you do not have an insight into your finances - you need to help yourself. In order to track your money saving or spending, you need to take certain steps. If you do everything right, you will no longer have problems and you will be able to have an awareness of where your money goes and [..]
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How to Effectively Keep your Credit Rating Healthy

It is extremely essential to improve the credit rating as the credit score plays a vital role in the various aspects in the current scenario. Improve your credit score following a perfect strategy as the high credit score comforts people as bankers started checking it while you apply for a loan. Having a stable credit score makes one get a loan san [..]
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20 Dating Ideas that is absolutely free in Singapore

The purpose of going out on a date with your loved one is to break the monotony of seeing each other in regular places and creating life long memories. Singapore is an amazing country with amazing people and the sites to take your loved one are numerous, and you won’t have to drain your wallet to visit these places. 1. Moviebob Moviebob is [..]
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