Foreigner Loan

Being far away and alone working in Singapore can be tough, especially in your time of need. It is never easy especially if you are struggling with your bills and no banks are willing to listen to you.

It is always the usual reply of “We do not provide loans for foreigners, you have not worked here long enough, your salary doesn’t qualify…”

It is a common logic that why would one look for money when they have already enough in the pocket.

Look no further cos Credit Excel is here to help in your time of need.

Here in Credit Excel, we do not discriminate your nationality, your time in Singapore and your salary. What we are interested in is how we can best help you tide through your time of need and working a sensible installment plan for you to follow.

Unlike many moneylenders in Singapore, we do not offer you unrealistic weekly repayment plans that drain your finances further when you are in need. We do not hold your situation at ransom by raising the interest rates high beyond your affordability. We do not patronize you with a $300 loan that can barely solve your problem.

Here in Credit Excel, we listen to your problem and offer you a no frills, no hidden cost package that can solve your immediate needs while affordable to your monthly repayment.

If you are looking for a reliable lender that can genuinely solve your financial problems, Credit Excel, Singapore’s preferred choice, is the lender you should look for.

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