Ways To Hide Money In Case Of Emergencies

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Singapore may be a safe place to live, with modern infrastructures and advanced technology implemented to address calamities that can cause alarm to its citizens. However, just like with any other places on the planet, you can never be too sure about what might happen in the future. There will always be unforeseen and unexpected events that can make anyone feel less secured and anxious. These things may include natural catastrophes, decline in the stock market, theft, power outages, and so on. This is why it is best to be prepared and have a good amount of cash available in case these events happen.

Having a secret stash of money or an emergency fund is a practical way to deal with such emergencies. You need to make sure that you have a substantial supply of cash at home, so you can easily go about the unsettling demands unforeseen situations come with. The idea is to have at least 3 to 6 months of your living expenses available to you at all times. After all, you can never tell when surprise expenses would arise, so it is best to start as early as now when it comes to planning for your future needs and emergencies. Or when in times of emergency and you ever need cash, you can always approach licensed money lender Singapore to aid you through with services as such low income loan, personal loan and payday loan. Of course, who like borrowing money? It is always important to save up for rainy days.

Always remember that financial institutions may end up being inoperable and unavailable temporarily in case a national emergency, nationwide power outage, or any major catastrophe occurs. Thus, you will have some difficulty withdrawing your money or using your debit/ credit card when these situations happen. Make it a point to have physical cash with you at all times, and it this means that you should find a secure and theft-proof location at home where you can hide your stash of cash. Hiding it in usual places such as under the mattress or underneath your desk drawer is not exactly the smartest way to do it since these are classic hiding spots that burglars usually check first when they break in a home.

Below are some unique, fool-proof, and safe money-hiding techniques worth checking out to keep your emergency savings fund secure from unauthorized individuals.

1. Create false fixtures in your home and hide your cash there

It is unusual for anyone to suspect hidden cash in areas that appear to be a natural part of your home such as a power outlet, return air vent, or even a drain pipe. So, why not construct fake infrastructures in your property that will serve as a unique locations for storing your emergency cash? For instance, you may want to create another power outlet that is not really operational, but will function as a storage for your money. If you have no time for such DIY projects, you can always go online and look for vendors who offer installation-ready and realistic-looking electrical plates or light switches that also work as cash hiding spots.

2. Keep them disguised and wisely dispersed

Oftentimes, there is no need to go through so much trouble just to hide your money from thieves. In fact, there are plenty of inconspicuous areas in your home that can serve as an excellent hiding spot for your cash. Burglars are least likely to check out innocent-looking locations, as long as you make sure your money is well-hidden in these places. This is why it takes some resourcefulness and creativity to figure out smart and unsuspecting locations for hiding your money, which only you would be able to find.

If you have a large collection of books and a massive floor-to-ceiling library, then you have plenty of smart hiding locations for your emergency cash. You may hollow out a few books and store some cash in them. Since you have plenty of other books at home, it would take forever for a burglar to discover which of these are “fake” books. Or, you can also make use of random locations to disperse your money such as the hollow handles of your broom, the legs of your dinner table, rolled and wrapped in paper and inserted into your bike tires or curtain rods, and so much more! The options are endless, and you just need to be more creative with the way you disguise and hide the money.

3. Use your aquarium

Who could ever think that an aquarium can actually be a great hiding location for your money? No one would suspect such a thing because an aquarium is a home for your fishes and not your cash, right? This makes it an outstanding storage for your emergency funds, as long as you keep your cash well-protected from water, that is.

Secure your cash in a Ziplock plastic bag or small dry bag (be sure there is no way for the water to get in) before laying the bag flatly at the bottom portion of the tank. You may use colored gravel to cover the bag perfectly, so the plastic will not float away. If you have a fish pond at home, you can also use this to hide your money by simply sealing your cash in a waterproof container such as a glass jar or a sealed plastic bag. The container should be hefty enough to stop it from floating to the top and making it visible to prospective intruders in your home.

4. Use a safe bolted to the floor

Lastly, you may consider investing in a great quality and heavy-duty safe for your money. A cast iron or steel floor safe is an excellent choice, even if it may cost your several thousands of dollars. You can rely on the maximum level of security that this can give you, particularly if you have it bolted to the ground firmly as possible. You may also want to link the unit to your home alarm system, so even if the burglars end up touching it, the loud noise will alert the whole neighborhood. This should send the intruders out of your home since even if they successfully break the safe (although this is next to impossible for them to do), they will be caught red-handed by the police, anyway.

Have some peace of mind when it comes to securing your emergency funds at home with these smart tips. You can finally sleep soundly at night knowing that you have a ready source of cash during difficult times while making sure your money is well-protected from unauthorized individuals in case they end up getting inside your property.

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