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With the liberalization of financial institutes in Singapore by the local government since 2008, obtaining a personal loan has since been more accessible and convenient. However, how does one make a decision with this wide array of loans so readily available in the market?

Look no further cos Credit Excel Capital is the customers’ preferred choice of Personal loan provider in Singapore since 2010. Why then you may wonder is Credit Excel better than others in providing loans for your needs, you may ask. For starters, unlike many banks, financial institutions and moneylenders in Singapore, our loan officers go the extra mile of listening to your needs attentively and work out a package that actually solves your problems instead of approving your personal loan application just for the sake of boosting individual sales.

Our objective is to offer you a viable option to solve your problems and not creating a deeper hole that you are already within. It is ironical that obtaining loans in Singapore these days could be easier than securing an income. Which brings the reason why our officers are always ready to structure a repayment plan that is sensible to follow rather than unrealistic weekly payments that you have to borrow further to keep up with the installments.

It is indeed true that Credit Excel offers personal loan with interest rates that are higher than what banks offer. One must be aware that across all lenders in Singapore, we tend to offer loans in such manner to mitigate the risks involved. As opposed to banks in Singapore, Credit Excel offers you personal loan when you are in need which is why having responsible loan officers to understand the extent of your needs and tailor a complete solution for you is so important.

Loans from moneylenders should always be maintained as low as possible and repaid the shortest time possible to minimize your costs of interests.

No sugar quoting, No hard pressing sales talk. Here in Credit Excel, Singapore’s preferred choice, we are sincere in helping you solve your problems at no hidden costs, no extra charges and no unrealistic repayments. We are a moneylender that cares for your needs.

So if you are looking for a personal loan to solve your short term problems, look no further cos here in Singapore, no other lenders can help you better than we do.

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