Business Loan

Singapore is fast becoming a financial hub for businesses in Singapore. However, obtaining a loan to finance your business in Singapore can be challenging at times. Banks in Singapore typically look into your company’s age of establishment, financial health and industry stability before even considering your application.

While it holds truth that interest rates are almost at their all time low of recent years, getting your loan approved is a different matter altogether.

The loan culture in Singapore is typically catered to those who do not really need the funding at that point of time. This itself is an oxymoron to businesses in Singapore and not exactly helpful to business growth.

Here in Credit Excel, we offer loans to businesses who are really in need. Be it budding businesses or companies with less than desirable financial history, Credit Excel is here to help.

Here in Credit Excel, we look not your company’s history but rather its current performance as well as future potential. Our officers will attentively listen to your need and work out a feasible to plan to both help your business growth as well as bridge your business across troubled times.

While many may compare our interest rates with the banks offer, a shrewd businessman will be aware that the offer is never yours until it sits in your pocket. High as our interests may be, it is near water to your need when it is really required at a short notice.

At this age of business environment, speed is always of essence when running your business. Here in Credit Excel, we recognize this fact and can assure you that your loan can be approved and cash disbursed to you within 3 working days.

No frills, no hidden charges. Credit Excel is your preferred choice of business lending partner to bring your business to the next level.

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