Personal Loan

Have you been in a situation where no one is there to even listen when you are seriously in need of a financial emergency? A situation where all options available to you will only sink you further into debts?

Fret not cos Credit Excel is here to help.

Here in Credit Excel, we look not into your credit history but instead the size of your need and working a plan that is realistic for you to repay. Unlike other organisations, we do not sugar coat our packages nor conceal hidden charges to deepen your problem. Rather, in a time of your need, we listen to your situation and try our best to walk with you through your time of desperation.

Though there may be a wide range of choices available in the market, one must be weary that most choices in the market may not be suitable for your repayment. Especially when your mind is clouded in making sound decisions, all the more you need a genuine loan officer that is attentive to your needs to work out a sound solution for you instead of preying on your vulnerable situation.

No frills, no hidden charges, no hard sales. What you borrow is what you get, What you borrow is what you can afford. Personal loan that you can afford and personal loan that can solve your problem.

Up to 4 times your monthly income is what we can offer and a monthly repayment of up to 12 installments to allow you more flexibility in recovering back your financial health.

To qualify, you need to be:
- 21 to 65 years old
- Salary of $30,000 per annum or $2300 per month
- Working in Singapore

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